We are Hit 4 Heroes

To raise funding and awareness for the Veterans and first responders who have selflessly sacrificed so much for this great country.

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We would like to give back to the people of the armed forces by adhering to these core principles

  • Loyalty.
  • Pride.
  • Transparency.

Meet your crew

We are a small company dedicated to the serving the veterans and the first responders as they have served us.

Brian Watkin
changing your mind and changing world

Brian Watkin, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

During the attacks of 9/11, Brian was still just a teenager in high school. As a nearby NJ resident, the effects of that day were life changing. The attack on the Twin Towers made the question of “military or college” very hard for his generation to answer. However, the idea of going to college was simply too hard to pass up. Brian was recruited to play football for Delaware Valley College in 2003. After two years of being a full time student-athlete he decided to focus entirely on school. With that, he moved down to Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Florida Atlantic University.

With that nagging itch to serve in the military still unscratched, it was finally time for him to join. Unfortunately, he came to the realization that picking the right branch would be a difficult decision. Since a large portion of Brian’s friends and family could be found in four out of the five military branches, it was only fitting that he be different and pick the fifth. (Even if he like most, knew practically nothing about it).

The United States Coast Guard has a long and interesting history. As a military branch with an active duty component roughly the size of the NYPD, it is not a service in which one can simply exist. In the USCG, everyone has their job to do. Interestingly, they also have their boss and subordinates’ jobs, too. If that wasn’t enough, most are “volun-told” to take on about a dozen extra collateral duties. Brian, like most members of the USCG, acted in some form or another as a federal law enforcement officer, firefighter, rescue swimmer, deck hand, first mate, helmsmen, quartermaster, communications watch-stander, dispatcher, medic, short order cook, dishwasher, laundry technician…

His official job was what’s known in the Navy and Coast Guard, as a Boatswain’s Mate. Boatswain’s Mates are the life blood of sea-going services, because they have a hand in almost every aspect of maritime operations. Brian (Petty Officer Watkin) ended his career with roughly 30,000 nautical miles in total patrols. His units all had a primary mission of pursuing “go fasts” aka drug/migrant interdictions. As with all USCG assets, they also doubled as search and rescue teams. His area of operations ranged from the Bering Sea to the Bahamas and surrounding territory. After serving as a crew member aboard the USCGC Active, USCGC Barque Eagle and various small boat stations, Brian felt it was finally time to re-enter civilian life.

Upon successful completion of his military enlistment, he decided to advance his education, by pursuing an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. It was there at NSU, while watching a very inspirational TED Talk, where he came up with an idea. It was an idea that would combine his deep American patriotism and his love of entrepreneurial business with his passion for sports like golf and bowling.

The idea was quite simple. Essentially, it incorporated all of the charitable aspects of a non-profit organization, with all of the benefits of a competitive business. Furthermore, it was fun, fairly inexpensive, and ridiculously uncomplicated. However, the best part was there were no losers involved: EVERYBODY won.

Introducing: Hit 4 Heroes

Howie Watkin
changing your mind and changing world

Howard Watkin

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Watkin
changing your mind and changing world

Joseph Watkin

Chief Technology Officer

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To raise funding and awareness for the Veterans and first responders who have selflessly sacrificed so much for this great country.

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